MICA: Pioneering Mexican Female Director Mariana Chenillo Brings Her Latest Cinematic Project to Market

Following a successful run directing for TV, Chenillo will head back to the big screen with her next feature, ‘Guía para el viajero que no quiere preguntar’

MICA: Mariana Chenillo Brings Latest Project
Mariana Chenillo

Mexico’s Mariana Chenillo is at this year’s MICA Market in Mexico City presenting her newest project, “Guía para el viajero que no quiere preguntar.” (Guide for the Traveler Who Doesn’t Want to Ask)

Accompanying her along the way are Tigre Pictures founder-producers Humberto Hinojosa and Pablo García Gatterer. Hinojosa is a standout director in is own right. His 2009 film, “Black Sheep,” earned competition berths at Guadalajara and Karlovy Vary. Having produced mostly Hinojosa’s work until now, adding the likes of Chenillo to their roster is a definite step forward for all parties involved.

Known as much for her writing as her directing, Chenillo is establishing herself as one of Mexico’s most exciting new auteur voices working in both film and TV. In 2008 her film, “Nora’s Will,” rocketed Chenillo into the international spotlight with awards wins at Miami, Mar del Plata, Morelia and as far away as Moscow. The director also featured on the small screen in a big way when she teamed up with Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna’s production company Canana, Fox Television Studios and Once TV México for the series “Soy tu fan.” And, Chenillo also stepped in to direct an episode of Netflix’s first original Mexican series, “Club of Crows.”

“Guía para el viajero” is the story of Jonah, a man going through the worst period of his life. Estranged from his daughters and fighting with his wife, Jonah is forced to move back to his childhood room in the home of his father. In this far-from-ideal setting, Jonah must cope with a blindness resulting from a faulty airbag deployment, and try to get compensation for the defective safety device from a reluctant manufacturer.

Being short-sighted herself, Chenillo explained: “After so many doctors visits, tests and procedures that I have gone through, I have asked myself what it would mean to be an adult who loses their vision. This led me to explore the concept of vulnerability, to understand how and why force is not the only way to achieve what we want.”

The film will begin shooting next year.