LOS CABOS, Mexico — To make his docu feature debut, “Made in Bangkok,” Argentine-born Mexican resident filmmaker Flavio Florencio used a Canon 5D to trail transvestite Morgana as the opera singer vied for the prize money in a Bangkok-set trans beauty contest that would fund his sex reassignment surgery.

“I maxed out my credit cards, and had no shooting permits,” said Florencio, adding: “But I bet on the value of intimacy over technique.” Produced by Laura Imperiale and edited by Mariana Rodriguez, “Bangkok” won a string of awards and drew 8,000 admissions on its opening weekend in Mexico in mid-October.

The docu spawned a Vice TV series on the trans community, which Florencio hosted and directed. Next up is his fiction feature debut “I’m Very Much in Love with You,” based on a true story from Cameroon, and a Naples-set docu.