Javier Camara to Star in Netflix’s Second Original Spanish Film Production

Spanish Actor Javier Camara Arrives For
Kiko Huesca/Epa/REX/Shutterstock

“The Young Pope” actor Javier Camara is set to star in a new comedy for Netflix, from the writers of the smash-hit “Spanish Affair” franchise. “Fe de Etarras,” which has started production in Madrid, marks the streaming giant’s second original Spanish film after Roger Gual’s “Seven Years,” which debuted last October.

The project comes from writers Borja Cobeaga and Diego San Jose, the team behind Universal’s 2014 Spanish-language hit “Spanish Affair” and its 2015 sequel. The first film grossed €56.2 million ($78.0 million) at the Spanish box office, selling 9.5 million tickets and becoming the most successful local production of all-time. The sequel delivered €36.1 million ($38.8 million) and ranks as the third biggest Spanish film of all-time, after English-language production “The Impossible.”

Cobeaga will also direct the film which co-stars Julian Lopez, Miren Ibarguren and Gorka Otxoa and features Tina Sainz and Ramon Barea in special appearances. It is produced by Mediapro.

Set in a small Spanish town in the sweltering summer of 2010, “Fe de Etarras” sees a peculiar, dysfunctional armed group, formed by a veteran eager to prove he is not a coward, played by Camara, trapped together in an apartment as they await an elusive call to action while outside the whole country is celebrating Spain’s triumph in the World Cup soccer championship. Cobeaga describes the film as “like ‘Friends’ but in a safe house.”

Camara is well known to international audiences for his regular roles in Pedro Almodovar titles, including “Talk to Her” and “I’m So Excited,” as well as his starring role as Cardinal Gutierrez in Paolo Sorrentino’s hit HBO series “The Young Pope.”

The project continues Netflix’s investment in local European film and television productions, following recent announcements for its second original television series from France and Germany, “Osmosis” and “Dogs of Berlin.”

“Fe de Etarras” will premiere simultaneously across all 190 countries where Netflix operates but a release has yet to be set.