Indie Sales has acquired international sales rights to Klim Shipenko’s “Salyut 7,” a $15 million Cold War-set 3D space adventure based on the true story of a doomed Russian rescue mission of an unmanned Soviet space station in 1985.

Lensed by Sergey Astakhov and Ivan Burlakov, the film chronicles how Russian aerospace engineers embarked on a trip to the station to investigate the failure and prevent a disaster.

“Salyut 7,” which contains 40 minutes of scenes shot in zero gravity, a record, claim the producers, will be released on more than 1000 prints by Nashe Kino across the CIS in the coming months.

“To this day, this mission is considered to be the most technically challenging in the history of space exploration as no one succeeded to dock an uncontrolled vehicle before,” said Nicolas Eschbach, Indie Sales CEO and co-founder.

Indie Sales’ first acquisition of a Russian film, “Salyut 7” is a “strong, true story about bravery showing mankind going against all odds to save their honor,” said Eschbach, who also pointed out “the production value [was] astonishing and [had] nothing to envy to big budget U.S. productions.”

Sergey Selyanov at Russian outfit CTB Film Company is producing the film. Anton Zlatopolsky at Russian TV Channel GTK and Bakur Bakuradze at Lemon Films Studio are co-producing.

Indie Sales is showing an exclusive promo reel of the film at Berlin’s European Film Market.