PARIS – Canal Plus is teaming up with French comic book artist-turned-director Joann Sfar on “Monster’s Shrink,” an English-Language live-action series inspired by Sfar’s novel, “The Eternal.”

The series, which will comprise 8 one-hour episodes, is being produced by Jemma Rodgers and Nicola Shindler at RED Production Company, a subsidiary of Studiocanal (the film and TV division of Canal Plus Group).

“Monster’s Shrink” follows Rebecka Broke, a warm, funny and neurotic New York-based psychoanalyst who’s just learned her husband was found dead in their villa in the South of France. While the death has been officially ruled a suicide, Rebecka sets off to uncover the truth about her husband’s mysterious death and travels to Antibes, in the French Riviera, where she comes across an Eastern European vampire in need of therapy.

Rebecka unexpectedly becomes a shrink for all monsters and discovers that an entire monster ‘underworld’ that has recently become active.

“I am so excited to be working for Canal Plus with RED Production Company on my first international live action drama,” said Sfar. “Having our lead character Rebecka confront the reawakening of this twisted world and the chance to see my monsters come to life in this way will be thrilling – a new take on the classical monster world.”

Fabrice de la Patellière, head of fiction and co-production at Canal Plus, praised Sfar for creating a “fascinating and singular universe that will be brought to life with Monsters’ Shrink.'”

Meanwhile, Nicola Shindler, the CEO of RED Production Company and executive producer of the series, described Sfar as “a truly visionary creative.” She said “Monsters’ Shrink is the product of that unique imagination.”

Sfar made his directorial debut with “Gainsbourg: Vie Heroique,” a 2010 feature film mixing live action and animation, about the iconic French singer Serge Gainsbourg. The film won three Cesar awards (France’s equivalent to the Oscar). He is best-known for his comic book series “The Rabbi’s Cat” which was adapted into an animated feature and was co-directed by Sfar. It won a Cesar award.

Inspired by Sfar’s Jewish heritage, “The Rabbi’s Cat” tells the story of a rabbi, his daughter, and their talking cat.