Berlinale 2018: Panorama Section Focuses on ‘Body Politics’ and ‘Resistance to Machismo’

Berlinale's Panorama Looks at Body Politics
Claudia Priscilla/Kiko Goifman, Nubia Abe

The 2018 Berlin Film Festival’s Panorama section will focus on body politics and – with Harvey Weinstein and harassment still front-page news – “resistance to machismo.” The upcoming edition of Panorama, which is dedicated to controversial and unconventional features, will be the first to be overseen by Paz Lazaro, alongside Michael Stütz and Andreas Struck.

Eleven Panorama films were unveiled Friday, with Latin America making a strong showing. The four movies from the region include two apiece from Argentina and Brazil: Sebastián Schjaer’s “La Omision” (“The Omission”) and Santiago Loza’s “Malambo, el Hombre Bueno” (“Malambo, the Good Man”) from Argentina, and “Bixa Travesty” (“Tranny Fag”), about transgender female performers, and documentary “Ex-Paje” (“Ex-Shaman”) from Brazil.

“La Omision,” about a young mother and transient worker, along with Austrian film “L’Animale,” about a teenage girl and her motocross clique, are films that the organizers said address “resistance to machismo.”

Other Panorama titles this year include Swedish filmmaker Goran Hugo Olsson’s new feature documentary, “That Summer,” which revisits classic documentary “Grey Gardens” and includes footage shot by Jacqueline Kennedy and Andy Warhol.

From Germany there is Brazilian-Algerian director Karim Aïnouz’s “Zentralflughafen THF” (“Central Airport THF”), about the lives of refugees housed in the hangars of a defunct Berlin airport. Timur Bekmambetov’s “Profile,” about a British journalist who infiltrates the digital propaganda channels of Isis, and Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s sci-fi movie “Yocho” (“Foreboding”) will also feature in the Panorama section.

The Panorama titles so far:

“L’Animale” – Austria, world premiere

“Bixa Travesty” (“Tranny Fag”) – Brazil, world premiere

“Ex Paje” (Ex Shaman”) – Brazil, world premiere

“Malambo, el Hombre Bueno” (“Malambo, the Good Man”) – Argentina, world premiere

“Obscuro Barroco” – France / Greece, world premiere

“La Omisión” (The Omission”) – Argentina / The Netherlands / Switzerland, world premiere

“Profile” – USA / UK / Cyprus, world premiere

“River’s Edge” – Japan, international premiere

“That Summer” – Sweden / Denmark / USA, European premiere

“Yocho” (Foreboding”)– Japan, European premiere

“Zentralflughafen THF” (Central Airport THF”) – Germany / Brazil / France, World premiere