“The 101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared” is leading the Guldbagge Awards, Sweden’s equivalent to the Oscars, with eight nominations.

Directed by Felix Herngren and Måns Herngren, “The 101-Year-Old Man” is competing for best film, director, actress and actor. The movie is the sequel to “100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared” which was a smash hit in Sweden and won four prizes at the Guldbagge, as well as audience prizes in Florida and Chicago, along with nominations at the European Film Awards, Goya and Academy Awards (for makeup and hairstyling).

Other Guldbagge frontrunners include Johannes Nyholm’s “The Giant” (pictured above) and “My Aunt in Sarajevo” which earned six nominations each. Ulf Malmros and Jaana Fomin’s “My Future Love” and Pernilla August’s “A Serious Game” are nominated in five categories each.

Winner of San Sebastian’s special jury prize, “The Giant” marks the feature debut of Nyholm, whose short “Las Palmas” opened at Sundance and played at Cannes’ Directors Fortnight. “My Aunt in Sarajevo” which turns on a refugee from Bosnia who is forced by his daughter to embark on a trip back to Sarajevo, previously played at Goteborg.

Hosted by the Swedish Film Institute, the Guldbagge Awards will be held on Jan. 23 in Stockholm.

Here’s the list of Guldbagge Awards nominations:

Best film

“101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared,” produced by Malte Forssell
“The Giant,” produced by Maria Dahlin, Morten Kjems, Hytten Juhl
“My Aunt in Sarajevo,” produced by China Åhlander
“Fragility,” produced by David Herdies
“The Garbage Helicopter,” Andreas Emanuelsson

Best Director

Hanna Sköld,” Granny´s Dancing on the Table”
Felix Herngren and Måns Herngren, “101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared”
Goran Kapetanović, “My Aunt in Sarajevo”
Alexandra-Therese Keining, “Girls Lost”

Best Actress

Karin Franz Körlof, “A Serious Game”
Maria Sundbom, “Siri in The Girl, the Mother and the Demons”
Tuva Jagell, “Kim in Girls Lost”
Jessica Szoppe, “The Garbage Helicopter”

Best Actor

Jonathan Silén, “The Modern Project”
Lennart Jähkel, “Granny´s Dancing on the Table”
Milan Dragišić, “My Aunt in Sarajevo”
Anders Mossling, “The Yard”

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Liv Mjönes, “A Serious Game”
Ia Langhammer, “My Future Love”
Svetlana Rodina Ljungkvist, “101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared”
Sadžida Šetić, “My Aunt in Sarajevo”

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Michael Nyqvist, “A Serious Game”
Henrik Dorsin, “Bengan in My Future Love”
Iwar Wiklander, “101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared”
Johan Kylén, “The Giant”

Best Screenplay

Jan Vierth and Anders Sparring, “The World of Dolores and Gunellen”
Johannes Nyholm, “The Giant”
China Åhlander, Dragan Mitić and Goran Kapetanović, “My Aunt in Sarajevo”
Sara Nameth, “The Yard”

Best Cinematography

Ita Zbroniec-Zajt, “My Aunt in Sarajevo”
Anders Bohman, “The Garbage Helicopter”
Ita Zbroniec-Zajt, “The Yard”

Best Editing

Henrik Källberg, “101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared”
Johannes Nyholm and Morten Højbjerg, “The Giant”
Therese Elfström and Tora Mkandawire Mårtens, “Martha & Niki”

Best Costume

Kicki Ilander, “A Serious Game”
Jaana Fomin, “My Future Love”
Moa Li Lemhagen Schalin, “Upp i det blå”

Best Sound

Jan Alvermark, “Ester Blenda”
Peter Adolfsson and Henric Andersson, “Golden Girl”
Patrik Strömdahl, “The Yard”

Best Makeup

Anna-Carin Lock, “My Future Love”
Eva von Bahr and Love Larson, “101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared”
Eva von Bahr, Love Larson and Pia Aleborg, “The Giant”

Best Original Score

Björn Olsson, “The Giant”
Sophia Ersson, “Girls Lost”
Jan Sandström, “The Garbage Helicopter”

Best Set Design

Anna Asp, “A Serious Game”
Liv Ask and Bengt Fröderberg, “My Future Love”
Mikael Varhelyi, “101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared”

Best Visual Effects

Fredrik Nord, “101-Year-Old Man Who Skipped Out on the Bill and Disappeared”
Henrik Klein and Petter Lindblad, “Siv sleeps astray”
Tomas Näslund, “Upp i det blå”

Best Documentary Film

Don Juan, Jerzy Sladkowski
Martha & Niki, Tora Mkandawire Mårtens
MonaLisa Story, Jessica Nettelbladt

Best Short Film

“6A,” Peter Modestij
“Baby,” Lovisa Sirén
“The Body is a Lonely Place,” Ida Lindgren

Best Foreign Language Film

Maren Ade, “Toni Erdmann”
Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Mustang
László Nemes, “The Son on Saul”