Ventana Sur: Blood Window Opens for Finnish Project ‘Manslaughter in Buenos Aires’

The project is holding meetings, looking for co-production in the Nordic Genre Invasion section of this year's Beyond the Window pitching sessions

Ventana Sur: Blood Window Opens For
Marko Mäkilaakso

Up and coming Finnish production company It’s Alive! has already had enough of winter this year, packed their bags and headed south to look for co-production opportunities for their latest comedy-kill-fest, “Manslaughter in Buenos Aires,” at this year’s Blood Window Beyond the Window pitching sessions.

The young company has headed into this year’s meetings at Ventana Sur with a load of momentum. Earlier this year, for the first time in the company’s history, one of their films made it into a triple-A festival when “Euthanizer,” directed by company CEO Teemu Nikki, played the Contemporary World Cinema Program at this year’s Toronto Festival.

In a case of the perfect film for the perfect market, “Manslaughter,” is classic Blood Window fare, brimming with blood and violence. The global nature of the story-line and multi-lingual script also makes the project an ideal candidate for international co-production.

Long-time Finnish champion of blood and guts, Marko Mäkilaakso, will direct the over-the-top musical mayhem, and explained why this film was always destined to be an international project: “Cold, dark Finland is the perfect contrast to warm, sunny Buenos Aires. The entire story is about contrast of people, culture and attitudes. Plus Buenos Aires is sexy as hell and works with our title ‘Manslaughter in Buenos Aires’ perfectly.”

“Manslaughter,” promises blood, an original heavy metal soundtrack and a group of hyper-intelligent, super-sexy, murderous Argentine feminists called the Chiquita Bananas. The group invents a bogus invitation to lure a group of washed-up rockers to Buenos Aires for a concert that the band dreams will launch them back to stardom. Only the Chiquita Bananas know that the concert will actually be a ritual killing to show the world that chauvinists must die.

As for the music: “We are going to have our own original songs inspired by the metal scene in Finland and around the world,” pointed out Mäkilaakso before assuring, “It’s going to be awesome!”

When asked what It’s Alive! hopes to achieve in its time at Ventana Sur the director said: “We are mainly looking for feedback from possible co-producers so we can further develop our project.”