Annecy: Pioneering Ibero-American Animated Awards To Launch In Tenerife

Annecy’s MIFA market dedicates a territory focus to the Canary Islands’ building animation scene

Tenerife Set to Host Pioneering Quirino

ANNECY, France ­– Dubbed the Quirino Awards, the first ever Ibero-American Animation Prizes will launch first half 2018 in Tenerife, one of Spain’s biggest Canary Islands.

The announcement was made on June 15 at France’s Annecy Fest MIFA market during a territory focus session on the Canary islands building animation scene entitled Canary Islands: The Next Hotspot for Animation?

The Quirino Awards aim to boost a bullish sector, and build a strategic bridge between Spain and Ibero America to support animation production and distribution and encourage co-productions. The event will include an Ibero American co-production forum, said Jose Luis Farias, director of Spain’s 3D Wire festival-mart that takes place in Segovia.

The Quirino Awards are mainly backed by tourist board Turismo de Tenerife,  in partnership with Festival of Animation, Mexico’s Cuernavaca Video Games and Comics Festival, and Spain’s 3D Wire, an international animation, vidgame and new media market. Awards categories include best feature, short, school school, and TV and online series. Others are still to be determined.

The Canary Islands enjoy a seductive tax system: the best in Spain and one of most attractive in Europe in its percentage deduction of a 38-40% tax rebate which is capped, however, at the relatively low ceiling of $4.9 million.

Aside from the tax benefits or animation, Tenerife offers talent, ad hoc training, state-of-art facilities and institutional support,said  Zulay Rodríguez at the Tenerife Film Commission. Tenerife hosts other animation-themed events such as Bridging the Gap, a toon lab for young talent whose third edition took place in July 2017  including 105 projects from 29 countries, and a 2D/3D training program, Anímate.

The Canary Islands’ animation surge is driven in part by the advent of new facilities companies. 3 Doubles Producciones, a new production studio outfit set up in Tenerife this year, just some months after an Italian company Mondo TV established offices on the island.

Quirino awards take their name from the Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani who made the allegedly first animated feature in history, ”The Apostle,” in 1917. Quirino Cristiani (1896-1984) was also the first director to create animation exclusively using cardboard cut-outs.

A political social satire, “Apostle” presented Argentine president Hipólito Yrigoyen visiting Olympus in order to use divine tools, such as Jupiter’s rays, to battle Buenos Aires’ corruption. Made at 14 frames per second, and requiring around 58,000 drawings, “Apostle” was lost in a fire.

Execs speakers attending at Annecy MIFA event included Israel Tamayo (Anima Kitchent), Enrico Martins (Mondo TV Producciones), Sabita Jagtani, (Canary Islands’ special ZEC zone), Brendan McCaffrey (BMCAFF Studio), Enrique Diego (Perruncho Studio), Luis Torres (3Doubles Producciones), Marcos Martín ( Salero Animation Studio), Cuernavaca Festival director José Iniesta and Farias.