Miguel Arteta’s “Beatriz at Dinner,” starring Salma Hayek, will open the 2017 Sundance Film Festival: London, it was announced Tuesday. 

The film will see its European premiere in June at the British outpost of the Park City festival. Sundance London is now in its fifth year.

Hayek is confirmed to attend the screening, alongside director Arteta and writer Mike White, which will take place June 1 at London’s Picturehouse Central.

Arteta said he was especially excited to premiere the film to British audiences “at such a politically polarized time in world history.” “Amidst the comedy, drama and brilliant performances in the film, Mike’s script weaves some timely and potent political commentary,” said the director. “I cannot wait to see how audiences outside the United States will react.”

The announcement of the film’s opening slot at Sundance London came just minutes ahead of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a snap election in the U.K. on June 8 to ensure against instability in the country as Brexit negotiations begin. The festival will take place over the preceding weekend.

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“Beatriz at Dinner” stars Hayek as a Mexican immigrant and health practitioner in Southern California who finds her innate kindness at odds with John Lithgow’s opinionated, self-satisfied billionaire when the two collide at a client’s dinner party. Connie Britton, Chloe Sevigny and Jay Duplass also star.

“This was a standout at our Utah festival in January and is a wonderful example of the continued innovation and creativity of our independent filmmakers that we’ll showcase in London again this year,” said John Cooper, director of the Sundance Film Festival.

The fest’s full program will be announced April 25.

The Sundance Film Festival: London will run June 1-4 at Picturehouse Central. The Sundance Institute will also host a Hong Kong festival in September.