New Ricardo Darin Production Co Teams with Patagonik, Disney, FilmSharks on Juan Vera’s ‘Love at Last Sight’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Directed by Juan Vera, ‘Love at Last Sight’ also stars Ricardo Darín and Mercedes Moran

Ricardo Darín, Patagonik, Disney Set Juan

CANNES — Ricardo Darin and Mercedes Moran  (“Neruda,” “La Cienaga”) are attached to star in “Amor a ultima Vista” (Love at Last Sight”), directed by Patagonik producer-screenwriter Juan Vera’s (“Dos más Dos,” “Just Like Me”), a near institution in Argentina’s film industry.

The last-chance love story marks the debut of Kenya Film, Ricardo Darín’s new production label, which will produce with Disney co-owned Patagonik, which has backed Pablo Trapero’s “Carancho” and “White Elephant” and Lucrecia Martel’s “Zama,” selected this year for Venice and Toronto.

Set to shoot in first half 2018, “Love at Last Sight” will be released by Disney/BVI in Argentina and South America during the third quarter of 2018, bidding fare to be one of the biggest opening of next year. FilmSharks Intl. has acquired international sales rights.

“Love At Last Sight” turns on Marcos (Darín)  and Ana (Moran) , who have been married for twenty-five years. One day, the couple enters a deep existential crisis and decides to split up. The single life seems intense and fascinating at first, but sooner or later it will become monotonous to her, and almost a nightmare to him.

““Love At Last Sight” is a film of characters. It’s a film where the protagonists, like two talking heads, tell each other the truth. They don’t try to avoid nor fear conflict. They know each other quite deeply, they appreciate each other’s intelligence and brag about irony,” said Vera.

He went on: “This is also a generational film, for people born in the ‘60s, pierced by those years, both culturally and in terms of life experience. They have seen almost all utopias die, and now they live with the weight of disenchantment, yet still vitally and optimistically. “

He concluded: “Although the film portrays serious life themes like the nature of love, the durability and alteration of desire, and infidelity, I definitely intend to tell the story from a playful distance, with some kind of optimistic skepticism.”