LOS CABOS, Mexico — Last month, Jorge Pérez Solano screened his third feature film, “La Negrada,” at the Morelia where it took home both the Morelia Film Festival Award and Tribeca Film Institute’s Next awards for works in progress.

“Completion is only a matter of time. With the awards from Morelia we have the necessary resources. I hope that by mid-December the film will be finished,” Perez Solano told Variety.

“La Negrada,” is the first Mexican feature focusing on its Afro-Mexican community. Set on the Costa Chica of Oaxaca, it follows a man with multiple families and shows how, in that community, such circumstances are neither uncommon nor taboo.

The Morelia successes follow international plaudits for Pérez’s two previous features; 2014’s “La Tirisia,” and 2008’s “Spiral.”

For “La Negrada,” Pérez used non-professional actors and took full advantage of the colorful environment of the coastal village, stylistic choices which he looks to employ going forward.

“Since I started “La Negrada,” I thought I should do other movies there, on the coast, with the black community. There are highly unique stories that I can develop.”