LOS CABOS, Mexico — As one of the most promising animators to hail from Guadalajara U, which lists Guillermo del Toro among its illustrious alumni, Sofia Carrillo has stood out for her work in stop-motion animation. Nearly all her animation shorts, populated by ethereal beings and surreal creatures, have won several awards, with “Prita Noire” winning a Mexican Oscar, the Ariel, in 2012. Her latest, “Cerulia,” a Best Animation Short winner at this year’s Guadalajara and Morelia film festivals, is perhaps her most personal film; she modeled the house in the short – about a little girl missing her deceased grandparents – after her own grandparents’ home. As a child of painters, Carrillo loved to draw and write stories from an early age.

“I wanted to be a painter and writer and found that filmmaking was the perfect combination of both forms of art,” she said.

She’s now developing her first fiction short, “La Bruja del Fosforo Paseante,” inspired by her mother’s stories about witches in Jalisco, which won the shorts pitching prize at Ventana Sur’s Blood Window TV. “I’ve never worked with actors before so it will be quite a challenge,” she said.

Her next even more ambitious project is a still-untitled feature length film combining stop motion and cut-out animation.