LOS CABOS, Mexico — Having gained a Berlin Festival berth with road movie “A Secret World,” acquired for international sales by Shoreline, Mariño shot maybe the most daring of Morelia competition titles this year, a B & W low-fi fantasy tale come body-swapping romantic drama about a soul that transmigrates from the body of an old man to a youngish woman as it falls in love with a beautiful hairdresser, Luisa.

An existential parable, set in a wondrously-shot Mexico City – “the city that I love and hate equally, mysterious and haunting,” Mariño says – and shot through with shards of sensations and  sights – a windowsill, peeling wall – “Yesterday Wonder I Was” comes in at the momentary-ness  of love, and transmigration as a metaphor for existence.

At Morelia, “Wonder” won best first or second Mexican film and thesp Sonia Franco a best actress award for her restrained performance as the most developed narratively of the being’s bodies.

“I’m obsessed with the flesh, the body, the last frontier of our senses: I think this story sprang from this primal obsession, the fantastic scenario where you can swap bodies,” Mariño said, adding he was now developing s post Apocalypse existential story called “Irekani,” which he presented at Colombia’s Cartagena fest co-production market.