‘Skam’ Actor Tarjei Sandvik Moe to Star in Erotic Thriller ‘An Affair’ (EXCLUSIVE)

‘An Affair’ is directed by Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (‘Cave’)

Tarjei Sandvik Moe Skam
Courtesy of NRK

Norwegian director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (“Cave”) has attached “Skam” actor and teen heartthrob Tarjei Sandvik Moe for his film, “An Affair.”

In the Norwegian film, which is currently filming in Oslo, the 18-year-old Sandvik Moe plays a student who is having an affair with his 44 year-old female teacher, played by Andrea Bræin Hovig (“I Belong”).

Dahlsbakken told Variety: “It’s an erotic thriller about a newly appointed teacher who finds herself being followed, before discovering that one of her own students is obsessed with her.” He explained that the student-teacher romance is a topic that he’s wanted to tackle for years, until he found an approach that he felt was “original and fresh.”

The writer-director, who had Bræin Hovig in mind when he wrote the script, said he is proud to have reunited on screen “two of Norway’s greatest talents.” He said: “The chemistry between them is truly astonishing, and the reason I chose to make the film in the end.”

Sandvik Moe is one of the hottest of Norwegian actors thanks to his breakthrough role as Isak Valtersen in NRK’s cult teen series “Skam,” followed on TV and the web by one fifth of the Norwegian population, and on social media by millions of youngsters across the globe.

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For the young actor, who turned to acting ‘just for fun’, the film “An Affair “is the next big step in his career. Speaking to Variety in Haugesund where he presented on Tuesday the Nordic Council Film Prize nominations, Sandvik Moe said he feels ‘comfortable’ to play a new challenging role involving sex scenes, and finds it interesting to portray a taboo-coasted relationship between a young boy and an older woman. “The reverse, with an older man dating a young woman is more common and strangely enough more acceptable,” said the emerging star who also praises his screen partner Bræin Hovig for her talent. “Playing opposite her was a bit intimidating as she’s very experienced. But I’ve learnt a lot from her,” he said.

Other main actors include international Emmy-award winner Anneke von der Lippe (“Eyewitness”), Agnes Kittelsen (“Happy Happy”) and Danish actor Carsten Bjørnlund (The Legacy”).

The film is produced by Norway’s FilmBros and Storyline Studios, with private investment and regional funding. The film will be completed in May 2018, with a theatrical release in Norway set for fall 2018. Domestic and international distribution rights are in negotiations.

Meanwhile, “Skam’”s English-language remake is in preparation, with “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller producing for XIX Entertainment. As for Sandvik Moe, he’s soon to appear on Oslo’s stage for the musical “Grease” and hopes to boost his acting and English-language skills by signing up for an acting school in London.