Ventana Sur: Haddock, Tornasol, Warner Argentina, 16:9 Cine Team for Horror Film ‘Under Your Feet’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Cristian Bernard's feature, an Argentina-Spain co-production, scheduled to roll from February

Haddock, Tornasol, Warner Argentina, 16:9 Cine

Haddock Films and Tornasol Films, the producers behind Juan José Campanella’s 2010 Oscar-winning “The Secret in Their Eyes,” are teaming with 16:9 Cine and Warner Bros. Argentina for Cristian Bernard’s horror feature “Bajo tus pies” (Under Your Feet).

Warner Bros. co-finances and will distribute the film in Argentina.

Set up at Roberta Sánchez’s Buenos Aires-based 16:9 Cine, the project played last year at the 4th Blood Window edition in Ventana Sur.

Structured as an Argentine-Spanish co-production, where Tornasol, the company run by Gerardo Herrero and Mariela Besuievsky, handles Spain’s participation, “Under Your Feet” will tentatively start principal photography from February.

Bernard (“76-89-03,” “D-Graduated”) and writer-editor Hernán Moyano (“Dubicel,” “Sudor Frío”) penned the script, which is inspired  by real events.

It follows Priscilla, a mother who decides to move with her two small children and leave the past behind. But in their new home they will meet three mysterious sisters who live in the apartment below, the subject of a strange mystery that other neighbors regard with indifference.

With a visual style and concept art influenced by horror titles such as “Rosemary’s Baby,” “The Tenant,” “The Shining” and “The Others,” its first two acts will be a psychological thriller, where evil is not seen. In the third, the movie will become an horror fable, a sinister fairy tale, according to Sánchez.

“This is a project aimed at a young audience, avid consumers of horror distant from Argentine cinema policies,” Bernard said.

“’Under Your Feet’ aims at joining the group of industrial, quality suspense films that attract adolescents and adults worldwide. It has the potential to become a brand of industrial and gender Argentine cinema,” said Haddock producer Vanessa Ragone.