Dynamo, the leading Colombian production house behind international hits such as Netflix’s “Narcos,” is teaming with Spanish TV fiction writer-director Pablo Barrera on 17th century-set drama thriller TV series “Penumbra.”

“Penumbra” is one of the four TV projects opting for a Gabriel Figueroa TV development award at the 6th edition of Mexico’s Los Cabos Intl. Film Festival.

The series follows Juana, a brilliant Spanish young astronomer who evades the Inquisition and ends up in a Caribbean hell-hole port settlement. To save her life, Juana assumes the identity of a dreaded inquisitor known as Pater Penumbra.

Juana will help Captain Trujillo, the man in charge of the military detachment at the colony, to solve a case of strange ritual murders blighting the place, while battling to keep the secret of her identity.

Produced by Diego Ramírez Schrempp at Dynamo, the project is based in Barrera’s own novel “Mi nombre es Penumbra”; a pilot script is being currently written.

“From a creative point of view, we are always asked for projects that travel well, that are able to interest on both sides of the Atlantic. This is an example of a concept that has that value in a natural way,” Barrera said.

Barrera has written, produced and directed Spanish fiction series over the last two decades, including “Compañeros,” “Cuenta Atrás,” “Punta Escarlata” and “El corazón del océano,” a 2014 primetime TV drama that teamed Dynamo with Spain’s broadcast group Atresmedia and production company Globomedia with Dynamo.

“Both Dynamo and I have worked a long time on the contemporary thriller and our intention is to bring that dynamism and modern vision to the 17th century, avoid the solemnity that comes with historical fiction and adding  fantastic elements and action,” Barrera said.

One of the leading production companies in Latin America, Dynamo operates offices in Bogotá, Madrid, Mexico and New York. The company has produced feature films such as Andi Baiz’s “The Hidden Face” and Javier Fuentes-León’s “Undertow,” and provided production services to high-profile projects such as “Narcos,” “El Chapo” and Tom Cruise’s movie “American Made.”

The 6th Los Cabos Intl. Film Festival runs Nov. 8-12.