Annecy Goes to Cannes Highlights ‘Nimuendajú,‘ ‘Pajamas,’ ‘Mice’

In same pix-in-post showcase, 'Tito and the Birds' sparking a good buzz

Memoirs of a Man in Pajamas
Courtesy: Dream Team Concept, Moonbite Games

BARCELONA– The Annecy Intl. Animation Film Festival will bring five features in production, pre-production or development stage under the “Goes to Cannes” umbrella, a selection of works-in-progress movies targeting features looking for sales agents, distributors or festivals pick-ups.

Productions’ producers will have the chance to report on their progress and will offer exclusive sneaks previews, trailers or concept art.

Sourced from Annecy’s International Animation Film Market (MIFA). the five productions are: “Even Mice Belong in Heaven,” “Nuna: The Last Myth of the Wamani,” “Nimuendajú,” “Tito and the Birds” and “Memoirs of a Man in Pajamas.” Two are Brazilian, one from Spain, Peru and Czech Republic, the last in co-production with France and Germany.

Directed by Carlos Fernández de Vigo, “Pajamas” is an awaited romantic comedy based on comic-books and a screenplay from Spain’s Paco Roca. Based out of Moonbite Games, Fernández produces with Jordi Mendieta and Ángel de la Cruz at Dream Team Concept. “The films guiding thread is a kind of Roca’s alter-ego, that of a sweet, charming guy who’s constantly ruminating about life and has many friends. It’s something like Woody Allen meets ‘Friends’,” Mendieta commented.

“Mice” is a production of Vladimír Lhoták’s Fresh Films in the Czech Republic, in co-production with Alexandre Charlet’s Les Films du Cygne in France and Slovakia’s CinemArt SK.Directed by Denisa Grimmová and Jan Bubeníček and based on Iva Procházkova’s novel, the 2D/3D stop- motion blending “Mice” tells the story of a little mouse and a fox –two lethal enemies– who meet in heaven after dying in an accident and having lost their natural instincts. Czech writer-director Alice Nellis at “Mamas & Papas” is on board as its scriptwriter alongside Richard Malatinský. The animated feature is currently concluding development.

“Brazil’s “Nimuendajú,” sighs in with the story of a Brazilian-German ethnologist Curt Nimuendaju, spanning 25 years of his life, recording his journey through the indigenous’ villages of Brazil’s interior as he crosses over into indigenous’ worlds and suffers the latter communities’ conflicts. Tania Anaya directs and produces alongside Bruno Hilario from Anaya Produçoes Culturais. Peter Ketnath co-produces out of Germany’s Cinezebra.

Also from Brazil, “Tito and the Bird” is set up at Sao Paulo-Based production company Bits Filmes, whose CEO is Gustavo Steinberg (“The End of the Line”). It follows a 10-year-old boy who embarks on a journey to save the world from an epidemic.

“Wamani” is produced by Stephanie Massart-Weit, Diego López-Mobilia and Jimy Carhuas Tintaya —who also serves as director– at COO Origami Studio. The movie claims to be the first Peruvian feature using mainly 2D techniques. “Wamani” centers on Alichu, a 6-year-old forced to take an unexpected trip after a series of natural disasters hit his small Andean town.

In addition to Annecy Goes to Cannes,  over May 19 to 24, the Cannes Film Market’s Goes to Cannes series offer works-in-progress showcases from FilMart’s Haf Lab at its Asia Film Financing Forum, Mexico’s Los Cabos, Canada’s Fantasia-Frontières Co-Production Market and this March’s Guadalajara Construye. Lithuania’s Vilnius Film Festival Kino Pasavaris, Dubai Film Market, Polish Days New Horizons and Thessaloniki Festival also contribute pitch presentations.


“Even Mice Belong in Heaven,” (Denisa Grimmová, Jan Bubenicek, Czech Republic, France, Germany)

“Nuna: The Last Myth of the Wamani,” (Jimy Carhuas Tintaya, Peru)

“Nimuendajú,” (Tania Anaya, Brazil)

“Tito and the Birds,” (Gustavo Steinberg, Brazil)

“Memoirs of a Man in Pajamas,” (Carlos Fernandez de Vigo, Spain)