Some new Mexican box office history has been made as the comedy “Do it Like an Hombre” followed its 68.7 million Mexican pesos ($3.89 million) opening weekend with a two weekend total of $130.3 million pesos ($7.4 million), giving it the highest Mexican movie box office total of 2017, according to comScore.

In its first weekend, including a Thursday first-day bow, the film was the country’s second-highest Mexican release ever after the 2013 smash-hit “Instructions Not Included,” which holds the top spot, though off a Thursday rather than Friday opening. 2016’s “Que Culpe Tiene el Nino”? earned a three-day 65.6 million pesos ($3.7 million), according to comScore.

The recent success of local hits in Mexico has helped in recent years to justify a massive growth in the number of theaters across the country. It may also suggest a shift away from the near absolute choke-hold that Hollywood blockbusters, especially animated movies, have held on the region’s box offices for years. At the very least, these recent successes stand out in sharp contrast to much of the U.S. cinema scene which continues to suffer through a historically bad summer at the box office.

Director Nicolás Lopez previously told Variety the movie had the biggest Thursday-night Spanish-language release in Mexican film history which was cause for its distributor Videocine, the theatrical distribution arm of Televisa which partners Lionsgate in Pantelion, to increase the print-run of the film to levels reserved for major Hollywood blockbusters.

López is best known for having worked for years along side Eli Roth; as a director (“Aftershock,” starring Roth), producer (“The Green Inferno”) and co-screenwriter (“Knock Knock”).

Produced by Miguel Asensio Llamas and Rodrigo Trujillo and distributed by Televisa’s Videocine, “Do It Like an Hombre” turns on a died-in-the-wool machista (Mauricio Ochmann of “El Chema” fame) who can’t believe that his best-friend and future brother-in-law has come out of the closet. He seeks recourse to methods to “cure” him of his newly-confessed homosexuality.

Pantelion opens “Do It Like an Hombre” on Sept. 1. Lopez and stars Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez, who plays the protagonist’s sister, who was going to marry the best-friend, will tour New York, Los Angeles and Miami to promote the release.