Children’s film, “The World of Us” was named Grand Prize winner at South Korea’s Wildflower Film Awards on Wednesday (Apr. 12). Directed by Yoon Ga-eun, “World of Us” follows three young girls who become close and grow apart in the course of navigating more complex relationships. The film premiered in Berlin’s K-Plus section in 2016.

“Beaten Black and Blue,” produced through the Jeonju Cinema Project, won the best narrative film director prize for Kim Soo-hyun. Kim Jung-keun earned the best documentary director prize for “The Island of Shadows,” a labor documentary about workers at a dockyard. “Shadows” took three years to make theatrical release after it earned the Grand Prize at the Seoul Independent Film Festival in 2014.

Indie crime thriller “The Boys who Cried Wolf” earned two major awards: best actor for Park Jong-hwan and best screenplay for Kim Jin-hwang. Best actress award went to Jeong Ha-dam for director Park Suk-yung’s “Steel Flower.”

The Wildflower Awards were launched in 2014 by former Variety correspondent Darcy Paquet, and film critic Oh Dong-jin, as a grassroots effort to recognize Korean independent and low-budget films.

Wildflower Film Awards 2017

Korea Grand Prize: “The World of Us,” dir. Yoon Ga-eun

Best Director – Narrative Films: Kim Soo-hyun, “Beaten Black and Blue”

Best Director – Documentaries: Kim Jung-keun, “The Island of Shadows”

Best Actor: Park Jong-hwan in “The Boys Who Cried Wolf”

Best Actress: Jeong Ha-dam in “Steel Flower”

Best Screenplay: Kim Jin-hwang, “The Boys Who Cried Wolf”

Best Cinematography: Kim Byung-jung for “Alone”

Best New Director – Narrative Films: Kim Dae-hwan, “End of Winter”

Best New Director – Documentaries: Lee Dong-ha, “Weekends”

Best New Actor / Actress: Lee Sang-hee in “Our Love Story”

Appreciation Award: Chon Moo-song

Special Award: Gwanghwamun Cinema