In Japan, “Wonder Woman” will get some help from homegrown hero Hello Kitty to promote the DC Comics film.

The promotion marks the first time Hello Kitty character has partnered with a major Hollywood film, though Hello Kitty previously helped market local films such as “The Ring.” “Wonder Woman” opens August 25 in Japan.

Sanrio designed a custom superhero costume for Hello Kitty, complete with red, blue, and gold detailing, knee-high boots, and the Lasso of Truth.

“Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins is said to be a fan of Hello Kitty and approved the collaboration, according to Warner Bros. Japan.

Tickets to the film have already gone on sale in Japan, and each ticket buyer will receive a Wonder Woman x Hello Kitty rubber keychain or limited edition reproduction of Wonder Woman’s first comic book appearance in 1941.


The marketing for “Wonder Woman” has been criticized in the U.S. for playing into negative female stereotypes, such as a promotion with Think Thin bars. But in Japan, where cuteness is prized, the Hello Kitty promotion and trailers playing up Wonder Woman’s innocence and pureness are all part of the plan.