The Tokyo International Film Festival will this year present a section on the work of animator Keiichi Hara. It will feature Hara’s major films, including “Summer Days with Coo,” “Colorful,” and “Miss Hokusai.”

Both “Colorful” and “Miss Hokusai” won awards at the Annecy animation festival, where the Tokyo announcement was made.

The Hara section will be part of the Tokyo festival’s animation focus, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation. The festival’s 30th edition unspools Oct. 25-Nov.3.

Born in 1959, Hara worked for the Shin-Ei animation house, moving up the ranks to director on the “Doraemon” and “Crayon Shin-chan” series, while winning fans and critical acclaim. He left Shin-Ei and in 2007 released his first feature as an independent, “Summer Days,” a film that mixed realistic settings, characters and storytelling with folklore-derived fantasy.