Tencent Pictures has acquired film and TV adaptation rights to an Internet novel “Qing Yu Nian,” that dabbles in martial arts, historical and fantasy themes. The company said that it has the rights after 2018 and that it had already teamed with New Classics Media to produce a TV series based on the story.

The agreement was announced on the margins of the Shanghai International Film Festival by Edward Cheng, who heads the film making offshoot of Tencent, China’s games and social media giant. The announcement was made at a party of 1,500 people at which Tencent sought to demonstrate its multimedia credentials.

“Qian Yu Nian” is published online by Tencent Literature’s Qidian platform. Tencent also demonstrated its games technology and a thrust into e-sports.

Tencent Pictures is currently involved in four other film projects. These include the previously announced animation “One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes 2,” as well as live action movies “The Possessed,” “The One,” and “Hanson and the Beast.” The company is in discussions to adapt “Qing Yu Nian” as a feature, but has not yet closed a deal.

Tencent Pictures has previously been involved, in different capacities, in eight movies. They include “Wonder Woman” and Legendary Entertainment’s “Kong: Skull Island” and “Warcraft.”

Other projects in development include “Fighter of the Destiny 2,” “Tibet Code,” and “theGame of Antiques.” In addition, projects may flow from the recently announced Flying Wings (Biyi) development program with Fox International Productions. A full slate announcement will be made by Tencent Pictures in September.