Passengers,” Sony’s romantic space epic, has finally locked down its release slot in mainland China. It will hit Chinese theaters on Friday, Jan. 13.

That date puts it just one week after the mainland China release of “Rogue One.”

Securing a China release is no surprise as it is one of several Sony titles that were part of an investment and marketing deal between the studio and China’s Wanda that was announced in September.

And “Passengers” stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were in China on Dec. 17 as part of the film’s global promotional tour. But at that time a release date for China was not announced.

The film has failed to live up to expectations in North America, where it was released pre-Christmas. To Jan. 1 it had grossed $121 million worldwide, with $61.5 million of that in North America and a further $60 million in international territories.

It released in Hong Kong on Dec. 22. where it grossed $918,000 (HK$712 million) in its first weekend, ranking second behind “Rogue One.”