The Weinstein Company’s “Lion” completed a clean sweep of the technical prizes awarded by the Australian Academy of Cinematographic and Television Arts. In the documentary categories, “Whiteley” emerged with four of the seven prizes on offer.

The awards, which range from editing to screenwriting, were presented on Monday at a lunch. The AACTAs in performance categories will be presented at an evening event on Wednesday.

The Academy has in recent days been rocked by unspecified allegations made against leading Australian actor Geoffrey Rush. The star, who won an Oscar for his performance in Australian film “Shine,” resigned as president of AACTA on Saturday. He has denied allegations of improper behavior and sought clarifications of the complaint apparently made while he was engaged with the Sydney Theatre Company’s “King Lear.”

“Lion,” directed by Garth Davis and executive produced by Harvey Weinstein, the U.S. executive now surrounded by scandal, won AACTA awards in all seven of the categories it was nominated. Having won in the best adapted screenplay category, it was ineligible for best original screenplay. That was won by “Ali’s Wedding.”

2017 AACTA Awards (incomplete)
Feature Film
Best Original Screenplay
“Ali’s Wedding” Andrew Knight, Osamah Sami

Best Adapted Screenplay
“Lion” Luke Davies

Best Cinematography
“Lion” Greig Fraser

Best Editing
“Lion” Alexandre de Franceschi

Best Sound
“Lion” Robert Mackenzie, Glenn Newnham, Nakul Kamte, Andrew Ramage, James Ashton, Mario Vaccaro

Best Original Music Score
“Lion” Volker Bertelmann, Dustin O’Halloran

Best Production Design
“Lion” Chris Kennedy

Best Costume Design
“Lion” Cappi Ireland

Best Feature Length Documentary
“Casting Jonbenet” Kitty Green, Scott Macaulay, James Schamus

Best Documentary Television Program
“War on Waste” Jodi Boylan – ABC

Best Direction In A Documentary
“Whiteley” James Bogle

Best Cinematography In A Documentary
“Blue” Jody Muston, Jon Shaw

Best Editing In A Documentary
“Whiteley” Lawrie Silvestrin

Best Sound In A Documentary
“Whiteley” Ric Curtin, John Simpson, Lawrie Silvestrin

Best Original Music Score In A Documentary
“Whiteley” Ash Gibson Greig