With a 30% market share, UPI’s “The Mummy” remained on top of the Korean weekend box office. The Tom Cruise starrer earned $3.76 million from 498,000 admissions for a total of $23.8 million after two weekends.

Opening on Thursday (Jun. 15) local thriller “A Day” landed in second. Distributed by CGV Arthouse, “Day” earned $4.1 million over four days.

Jung Byung-gil’s action drama, “The Villainess” slipped to third from the previous second place. The Cannes midnight screener earned $1.85 million between Friday and Sunday and extended its total to $6.66 million after two weekends.

“Wonder Woman” took fourth, earning $944,000 between Friday and Sunday. The Disney release has earned a cumulative $14.8 million after three weekends. In fifth place, political documentary “Our President” earned $609,000 for a total of $12.0 million after four weekends. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” dropped 50% and slipped to sixth. It earned $548,000 for a cumulative $21.7 million after four weekends.

Chinese animation “Big Fish & Begonia” debuted in seventh, earning $312,000 between Thursday and Sunday.