Kim Dong-ho, one of the founders of the Busan International Film Festival and current chairman of the festival organizing committee, has announced his intention to resign. Actress-turned-festival director, Kang Soo-youn said she would also step down.

The resignations will not take effect till after this year’s edition of the troubled festival. This year’s Busan festival is scheduled to run Oct. 12-21.

“Kim Dong-ho and Kang Soo-youn have decided to resign, bearing the responsibility for the recent series of happenings,” said the two in a statement. “However, with the firm belief that this year’s edition must take place normally, we will leave the festival after the closing ceremony.”

Their resignation followed a statement from a group of BIFF staff who criticized the two leaders for being dogmatic, for having been soft on the city government which ousted former festival director Lee Yong-kwan, as well as for not fully communicating with staff.

“Instead of investigating the case, Kang attempted a cover up when it was revealed that the person who had been peremptorily appointed as deputy director (taking up the late Kim Ji-Seok’s position) had violated the code of conduct,” said festival staff in a statement issued Monday.

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