Shanghai-based production and finance company, HUB Film has set up a film fund to invest in U.S.-Chinese co-productions. Assembly Line Entertainment is its U.S. partner.

The pair aim to put up a minimum of $3 million into each project, with that figure counting for 50-80% of budget. They aim to have boarded up to five co-productions by the end of next year, with content including movies, web series and other episodic TV.

“The goal of the HUB/Assembly Line partnership is to become a part of the burgeoning U.S.-Chinese production industry, by acquiring new content (finding) partners and together, putting development projects into production,” the companies said in a statement.

HUB Film is part of the larger HUB Group, which straddles film, finance and property development. It recently opened the Fengxian Film Center in central Shanghai. The 23,000 square meter complex spans production, post-production, equipment rentals, and distribution facilities. The center will be used to provide office space for Assembly Line.

Assembly Line is a development, production, and film financing company formed in 2011 by Janek Ambros. Recent credits include “10,000 Saints,” with Ethan Hawke, Hailee Steinfeld, and Emily Hirsch. It previously delivered “Imminent Threat,” a documentary about the War on Terror’s impact on civil liberties, executive produced by James Cromwell; and “Valley of Bones,” released in September by Smith Global Media.