Justice League” opened widely in China and comfortably topped the box office with an opening score of $51.7 million. Over three days, it enjoyed a two thirds share of revenue for all top ten movies.

The film opened on some 20,500 screens, giving 115,00 screenings per day, according to data from local analysts at Ent Group. It scored $15.2 million on Friday, $21.0 million on Saturday and $14.5 million on Sunday. Including previews and midnight screenings, it has a cumulative of $52 million.

Warner Bros. said that is its second biggest opening in China, behind only “Batman vs Superman.” It was also a shade lower than the opening two weeks earlier of “Thor: Ragnarok,” which debuted with $54 million.

Within that total, the film played on 453 IMAX screens for a $6.15 million haul. That was the second best Friday to Sunday weekend for IMAX in China, behind “Doctor Strange.”

Second placed over three days in China, was comedy-fantasy “The Golden Monk.” With close to 50,000 screenings per day, it scored $8.48 million.

Holding on in third place was last week’s number two, “Murder on the Orient Express.” It added $3.93 million, for a 10-day cumulative of $30.3 million.

Last week’s chart topper, “Thor” dipped to fourth with $3.55 million. After 17-days, it has accumulated $108 million.

In fifth place was the 31-years later release of John Woo’s “A Better Tomorrow,” with Chow Yun-fat and Leslie Cheung. It scored $3.04 million from a daily $22,000 screenings.

Chinese crime drama, “The Storm Looming” opened with $2.99 million for sixth place. Lionsgate’s “Patriots Day” opened with $2.04 million, good enough for seventh.

Chinese adventure title, “Seventy-Seven Days” took $1.43 million in its third week. That gave a cumulative of $11.1 million in 17 days.”

Ninth place belonged to the latest Pokemon movie, “Pokemon The Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.” It scored $980,000 for $3.67 million after nine days. Tenth was Hong Kong action film “The Brink” with $190,000 for the weekend and $10.1 million after 10-days.

There was no top ten place for Roger Corman’s first Chinese film, “Palace of the Damned,” which opened on Friday.