Putting on a desperately unconvincing performance, newly released sci-fi drama “Arrival” landed on top of the Chinese box office over the Jan. 20-22 weekend. It topped the chart on only one of those three days, Friday, and limped to a total of just $7.49 million.

Returning for its second week, “Passengers” was on top of the box office on both Saturday and Sunday. Its total for the weekend was $6.87 million, according to data from Ent Group. The film stands on a cumulative $34.7 million after 10 days.

Overall box office was down by nearly two thirds compared with a typical weekend. Data from ticketing firm Weiying Technology suggests a weekend cumulative of just $32.3 million (RMB223 million.)

The films currently on release will likely see their runs come to an abrupt halt at the end of the current week, when the Chinese New Year (aka (Lunar New Year) holidays begin. No less than seven Chinese and Chinese co-production films will take over screens. They are certain to bring in a new chart order, and lift numbers. But whether their stimulus is enough to reverse the theatrical market’s slowing trend will be closely watched.

Over the weekend just gone, Chinese comedy, “Some Like It Hot” managed $5.70 million in third place. Its cumulative after 24 days is $83.1 million.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” hung on to fourth place with $3.50 million in its third weekend. Its 17 days score is $61.9 million.

Chinese animation, “Bakkom Bear: Agent 008” grossed $3.13 million in its second weekend. After 10 days it has a cumulative $12.9 million.

Jackie Chan’s comedy action drama, “Railroad Tigers” managed $1.36 million in its fifth weekend. Its cumulative is now $97.6 million after 31 days.

“Boonie Bears: Entangled Worlds,” the latest film in the “Chinese animation franchise, made it into seventh place in the chart through just one day of previews. It earned $1.18 million on Saturday.

“The Great Wall” took another $1.02 million in its sixth weekend. After 38 days it has a cumulative of $167 million.

“Kubo And The Two Strings” added $680,000 for $5.31 million after 10 days. “Hacksaw Ridge” added $560,000 for $60.2 million after 46 days on release.