Writer/director Bhaskar Hazarika’s “Voracious” (“Aamis”) arrives at Busan’s Asian Project market having already secured $110,000 of its $200,000 budget from private equity.

Set in the city of Guwahati in Northeastern India, the Assamese-language film is an unusual love story where an older married woman is attracted to a much younger man. Their relationship is asexual but they bond over a shared love of different kinds of meat.

“In India who you can or cannot fall in love with is determined by what your standing in society is,” says Hazarika. “You cannot fall in love with your cousin, you cannot fall in love with someone who is married to somebody else, but the thing is that love does not know all this. It is all human rules.”

Hazarika’s debut film, 2015’s “The River of Fables” (“Kothanodi”), received a post-production grant from the Busan Asian Cinema Fund, premiered at the festival and subsequently travelled to the London Film Festival and the Goteborg International Film Festival and several others. It won best Assamese-language feature at India’s national film awards.

Poonam Deol and Shyam Bora are producing the film for Signum Prods. and Metanormal Motion Pictures.

“Voracious” will be Deol’s first feature as producer. Bora was line producer on Pan Nalin’s 2015 “Angry Indian Goddesses,” which won people’s choice awards at the Toronto and Rome festivals, and executive producer on “The River of Fables.” “Voracious” will be his first feature as a producer too.

“At the Asian Project Market, which is the largest market in Asia, apart from the gap financing we are also hoping to find partners who will give us value in the longer run, specially towards the sale and release of the film,” said Bora.

“Voracious” will shoot in February and be ready in time for film festival season in August.