Germany’s Christoph Terhechte will receive the Korean Cinema Award at this year’s Busan International Film Festival in October. He is being recognized for his significant contribution to Korean cinema.

Terhechte has regularly invited Korean films to the Forum section that he runs as part of the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) each February. The Busan festival said that Terhechte “has consistently introduced Korean films from oldest to newest and played an essential role in making a wide range of Korean cinema available to global audiences and diverse film industries.”

His recent Korean selections have included “10 Minutes” (2013) by Lee Yong-seung: non-fiction “Diary” (2013) by Jung Yoon-suk; “A Dream of Iron” (2013) by Park Kyung Kun; “End of Winter” (2014) by Kim Daehwan; “Autumn, Autumn” by first-time director Jang Woojin; and Korean classic “Aimless Bullet” by Yu Hyun-mok.

Two years ago, Terhechte’s fellow Berlin programmer Wieland Speck, the longtime head of the Berlinale’s Panorama section, received the same honor.

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