Alibaba Pictures has formed an alliance with Jingxi Culture & Tourism, one of the co-producers and co-distributors of smash hit “Wolf Warriors II.”

The deal, first reported in the Alibaba-owned South China Morning Post, sees the companies cooperate in film and TV investment, distribution, promotion and merchandise sales. Alibaba Pictures’ Taopiaopiao operation is one of the biggest online sellers of movie tickets and is a platform leveraged by distributors for film marketing.

It also has access to large amounts of data on consumer behavior, generated by ticket sales and spending patterns from Alibaba customers.

“We are able to tell producers and content investors what kind of movies people like to watch at the moment. And we can even know the profiles of cinema-goers in small counties in China, so that we can come up with different strategies to woo different consumers,” Li Jie, head of Taopiaopiao was reported as saying.