Mei Ah Entertainment has picked up rights to “Theory of Ambitions,” an upcoming Hong Kong crime thriller from “Port of Call” director Philip Yung.

The movie stars Tony Leung Chiu-wai (“The Grandmaster,” “In The Mood for Love”) and singing-acting superstar Aaron Kwok, the star of “Port,” which carried Hong Kong’s foreign-language Oscar hopes last year.

The story involves two corrupt cops, who rise to the top levels of the police force each controlling different parts of the city while simultaneously being steeped in organized crime. After initially working in perfect unison, their relationship turns to one of rivalry.

“Port of Call” was an unconventional breakthrough for Yung, who wrote and directed. Based on real events involving the murder of a prostitute in 2008, and with his script revealing the killer midway through, it could not qualify as a whodunit. Rather it provided an unusual intensity and elicited a strong performance from Kwok as a disillusioned former detective. Pic scored strongly with festival selectors, critics, and Hong Kong’s Oscar selection committee.

“Theory” is now in production and expected to be delivered in 2018. Mei Ah is launching sales operations at the American Film Market.