Foodies can follow in the delectably tasty footsteps of late culinary queen Julia Child, whose former home near Chateauneuf-Grasse in the picturesque Provencal countryside just north of Cannes can be rented through Airbnb for just under $700 per night.

Though they didn’t own the land — close friends Simca Beck and Jean Fischbacher were its owners — the French-cuisine-cooking dynamo and her husband, civil servant and diplomat Paul Child, built the humble cottage in the mid-1960s on a leased patch of land and dubbed it La Pitchoune (“The Little Thing”). The informal, friendly agreement between the couples was that once Julia and Paul no longer had use for the cottage they’d turn it over to Beck and Fischbacher, and in 1992, two years after Paul died, Julia did just that. The Fischbacher family leased and then sold the cottage to American Kathie Alex, who ran a cooking school out of the house until late 2015. She put the home up for sale at close to $900,000, and it quickly sold to the current owners, Colorado-based American-born Francophile couple Makenna and Yvonne Johnston, who additionally offer seasonal cooking classes out of the cottage’s iconic kitchen.

Updated since Child’s residency, the three-bedroom and 3.5-bathroom cottage retains its modest, homey allure. A spacious and eclectically furnished living room has terra-cotta tile floors, a huge fireplace and a wood-beamed ceiling, while the kitchen, perhaps smaller than some might expect, appears — much as it did during Child’s day — with extra-tall wooden countertops to accommodate her 6-foot-2 frame and pegboard-clad walls with outlines of cooking implements to show what should hang where. French doors open to a trellis-shaded and vine-enshrouded dining terrace, and the grounds offer extensive gardens and a saltwater swimming pool.

listing photos: via Airbnb