A couple of years before she landed her star-making role as heavily accented, preternaturally sexy and hilariously superstitious trophy wife Glóría Delgado-Pritchett on the now-iconic sitcom “Modern Family,” Colombian-born and bred actress Sofía Vergara, married to equally alluring actor Joe Manganiello, paid $165,000 for a pint-sized studio apartment in an unassuming, low-rise building in the North Beach area of Florida’s Miami Beach that, we first heard word from Bettina Beachcomber, is on the market for $150,000. Online listings show the condo pending sale.

Online listings don’t include any photographs of the interior of the second floor condo that is conveniently two short if not particularly scenic blocks from the beach. They do, however, indicate the one-room apartment measures in at 468-square-feet —smaller, probably, than the master bathroom of Vergara’s Beverly Hills mansion — with hardwood floors, a through-wall air conditioner and maintenance fees of $210 per month.

It seems highly unlikely the famously curvaceous and deep-pocketed brunette actually shacked up in the humble studio much if at all in recent years given she’s one of Hollywood’s highest earning television actresses, with an income Forbes estimated to be about $41.5 million between June 2016 and June 2016, and, hence, can comfortably afford the finest suite or bungalow of any hotel in Miami Beach. Indeed, listing details indicate the unit is tenant occupied and offers “good income potential.” A little research on the internet indicates similar units in 1950s-era building rent for somewhere just above $1,000 per month.

Miz Vergara, who, turns out, wisely dropped out of dentistry school in Colombia to pursue modeling and show business, owns at least two other, much more substantial properties, both in Los Angeles. In July 2007, just months after she bought the wee pad in Miami Beach, she coughed up $1.1 million for a 2,071-square-foot condo on a middle floor of mid-rise apartment tower along the Wilshire Corridor. The three-bedroom and three-bathroom unit briefly popped up for sale in 2011 at $1.35 million and was set out as a high-end rental in late 2015 and early 2016 at $7,200 per month. It wasn’t until early 2014, a few months before she publicly announced her engagement to fortunately-born food condiment entrepreneur Nick Loeb had been called off, that the “Hot Pursuit” star acquired a Beverly Hills mansion commensurate with her skyrocketing fame and fortune. The opulently outfitted three-story Italian villa of 11,369-square-feet cost her $10.6 million and at the time of her purchase had five family bedrooms plus two staff bedrooms and a total of 11 bathrooms as well as a 3,000-bottle wine cellar and tasting room, a bar room, a screening room and a gym with sauna.

Listing photos: EWM Realty