PROHBTD Media, launched in 2015, draws about 1 million unique visitors to its site that focuses on merging cannabis entertainment with mainstream viewing.

“When we started in this space there wasn’t anyone doing what we’re doing,” says co-founder Drake Sutton-Shearer. “We have an editorial team and a physical production team so we’re able to be consistently creating content. We want to get as much content out there and explore partnership deals, and help to bring cannabis brands and consumers together.”

PROHBTD isn’t wasting any time with ramping up its content creation initiatives.

“We’re really focusing on original content with emerging talent, and we’re looking to do unscripted and scripted,” says co-founder Josh Otten.

Original programs include “Spanish Supper,” which was filmed in Barcelona and features a different cannabis-infused theme and chef for each episode; “Edibles,” a new series with Birdie Harrelson, niece of Woody; season two of “Get Loud” with Slink Johnson (Adult Swim’s “Black Jesus”); “Traveler,” a co-production with Boardwalk Films starring Jude Angelini; an untitled animated cannabis series with ShadowMachine (“BoJack Horseman”); and “Braized & Confused,” a cannabis-centered food and travel series with chef Chris Sayegh.

“We’ve raised $2 million in private, outside capital from a group of investors, including actor Donald Glover. We were able to connect with people who all believed in what we are doing, and saw this as a valuable opportunity. We’re also working with Ackrell Capital out of San Francisco so right now is a great time in terms of creation and job opportunity. We have 15 full-time employees and numerous contractors.”

As Sutton-Shearer sees it, the future is very promising. “In the short term, we want to create content, break out new talent and build around that talent, thus creating a dedicated audience. Beyond that, we want PROHBTD to be seen 24/7 by a global audience.”