The Writers Guild of America East has selected Hamilton Nolan as the recipient of the Richard B. Jablow Award for Devoted Service to the Guild.

The honor will be presented at the 70th annual Writers Guild Awards at New York’s Edison Ballroom on Feb. 11, 2018.

The Jablow Award was established in 1978 in honor of Richard B. Jablow, who helped found the WGA East, authored its constitution, and served as its first counsel. Past recipients include Michael Winship, Warren Leight, and James Schamus.

“This award is for the hundreds of digital media workers who have come together to unionize in two short years,” said Nolan. “Soon we’ll be able to say we’ve turned a non-union industry into a union industry.”

Nolan became a member as a labor reporter for Gawker and worked with his colleagues to help Gawker Media becoming the first major digital media company to unionize with the WGA East. Gawker’s organizing campaign gained  attention after journalists there published the article “Why We’ve Decided to Organize.”

The WGA East said that the successful Gawker union campaign set in motion the series of organizing wins at major digital news outlets like Vice, HuffPost, ThinkProgress and Vox. Nolan has been an active supporter of the organizing efforts, and has represented the guild at  labor events at the White House and the AFL-CIO National Convention.

Following Gawker’s demise, Nolan moved to Splinter News, part of the newly-renamed Gizmodo Media Group. In 2017, he was one of the first two digital news members elected to the WGA East Council.

Nolan will be presented with the Jablow Award by last year’s recipient and fellow WGA East Council member Courtney Simon.