The market for virtual reality (VR) headsets is starting to pick up, if new estimates from market researchers at Canalys are to be believed. Sony, HTC, Oculus  and other manufacturers of VR gear together shipped more than 1 million units of their high-end headset during Q3, according to those estimates. This would be the first time for shipments to surpass the 1 million mark, according to Canalys.

VR headet shipments Q3

Sony continues to be market leader with its PlayStation VR headset, shipping an estimated 490,000 units during Q3. Oculus came in second with an estimated 210,000 shipped Rift headsets, followed by HTC with an estimated 160,000 HTC Vive headets.

That’s an interesting reverse in fortune for Oculus and HTC, which seems to be driven by aggressive price cuts for the Rift. Oculus cut the price of the Rift multiple times over the summer, and is now selling the headset for $399 — half of the original price point.

Other manufacturers of high-end VR gear were responsible for 16 percent of all shipments in Q3. That number could increase over the holiday quarter, as Samsung and others are starting to sell Windows Mixed Reality-based VR hardware to consumers.