How Media Companies Are Embracing the Amazon Echo Show’s New Video Flash Briefings

Amazon Echo Show, Black, Kitchen Counter
Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon started to ship its new Echo Show this week, and a number of media companies have been quick to jump on the bandwagon with optimized content for the device. The Echo Show combines a 7-inch touch screen with a voice-controlled smart speaker, offering all of the same features as the classic Amazon Echo combined with the ability to display photos and video.

One of the key features benefiting from this update is the Flash Briefing, the customizable playlist of news updates that can be requested with a simple voice command like “Alexa, tell me the news.” Echo Show owners get to see videos as part of their Flash Briefings — and media companies have already started to produce video flash briefings for the Echo Show, as well as bring additional videos to the device via dedicated Alexa skills. Here are some of them:

CNN is producing a dedicated morning video flash briefing hosted by CNN’s “New Day” anchors Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota. The network also updated its Alexa skill with video features, offering access to news clips minutes after they air on TV.

Bloomberg is doing video flash briefings for the Echo Show, and also updated its Alexa Skill to include access to a live feed of Bloomberg TV, stock charts, market summary videos, and more.

CNBC’s video flash briefing promises news updates and market commentary throughout the day. The network also updated its Alexa skill to offer access to videos of Jim Cramer’s “Cramer Remix” show.

People Magazine will release an entertainment news-heavy video flash briefing with host Jeremy Parsons at 7 a.m. ET every weekday morning.

NBC’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” has started to make a video recap of Fallon’s opening monologue available as a video flash briefing.

Echo Show owners can customize their video flash briefings in the Alexa App on their phone or directly on the web under Settings > Flash Briefing. Regular skills, including those offering access to additional video content, can be added to the device through the Alexa mobile app or the Alexa website as well.