Music video service Vevo is set to roll out a revamped Apple TV app to 4th generation Apple TVs this coming Friday. The new app adds video previews and a bigger focus on personalization and curation through playlists, and in many ways mirrors recent improvements to Vevo’s iPhone app.

Vevo’s previous Apple TV app, which launched a little over  a year ago, put a big emphasis on simplicity, giving users easy access to some of the most popular videos on the platform. The new app now serves up curated playlists that also take cues from contexts — music videos suggested on a Tuesday morning may look different from those served up on a Saturday afternoon.

The app also introduces video previews, making it possible to hover over the image of a video in the menu to take at what’s happening. And there is more personalization, which allows the app to serve up better content recommendations over time as it learns from its users.

The relaunch on Apple TV is just a first step towards bringing this kind of experience to other connected TV platforms, said Vevo’s head of product Mark Hall in an interview with Variety this week. That’s in part because connected TVs are a big deal for Vevo: The service clocked 2 billion views on connected devices last month, and more than half of all views on Vevo’s own apps are now coming from TV screens.

Vevo is also banking on using the TV app to get people to watch some of its original programming, which the company has been putting a bigger focus on.  Late last year, Vevo hired The Fader’s former content VP Joseph Patel as its new VP of Original Programming.

One of the first pieces produced under Patel’s helm was a mini documentary about the roots of rising RnB star Khalid. Said Hall: “We are starting to have a lot more of this longer-form programming.”