Twitter’s Anthony Noto Doesn’t Envision Subscription-Only Switch

Twitter's Anthony Noto Doesn't Envision Subscription-Only
Kevin Abosch

Despite fresh suggestions from Wall Street analysts that Twitter consider turning the social-media platform into a subscription-only service, CFO/COO Anthony Noto made clear Thursday at Code Conference that his company is committed to staying advertiser-friendly.

“The value proposition we offer to advertisers is as strong as it’s ever been,” he said, citing $2 billion in ad revenues and four consecutive quarters of growth after a period of stagnation in the number of active users that has soured some investors on Twitter.

Noto did, however, reiterate what the company has previously indicated being open to, which is adding select premium services to Tweetdeck, though he stopped short of saying anything specific was in the offing.

The exchange occurred hours after influential research outfit MoffettNathanson issued a pessimistic report on Twitter in which it suggested the company’s best hope was adopting a subscription model. “It’s a draconian approach and one which likely drastically reduces the size of the platform and could be massively unpopular,” the analysts wrote. “However, by our calculations, it is one which could yield multiples of the revenue Twitter drives today and importantly this revenue stream would be recurring and wouldn’t be as choppy or seasonal as advertising revenue.”

Noto also stood by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who has been criticized for splitting his time between the top job at Twitter as well as being CEO of another firm, payment service Square.

“Jack is a great partner,” said Noto. “Nobody cares more about the company than Jack, i can’t think of a better CEO for the company than him.”