Twitter announced Tuesday afternoon that it’s experimenting with extending the standard 140-character tweet limit to 280 characters, and users were quick to express their opinions on the social media platform.

Kumail Nanjiani was among the first to offer up a critique, writing, “It’s remarkable how little Twitter understands its own appeal.”


Chrissy Teigen wasn’t too thrilled about the change either. “Literally my only talent was being able to think of tweets exactly 140 characters long. I don’t know if I will be able to alter this to 280,” she said.

“The Bold Type” creator Sarah Watson, however, showed why grammar enthusiasts will be a fan of the increased character count. “At least now we can put an end to this, ‘I didn’t use the Oxford comma because I ran out of characters’ bulls—,” she wrote.


“This tweet could be edited down to 140 characters and would be easier to read,” LA Times national correspondent Matt Pearce wrote in response to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s lengthy explanation of the change, while Brian Barone, a PhD student at Boston University, copy-edited Dorsey’s tweet for brevity.


Samantha Bee hinted how the experiment will affect President Donald Trump’s affinity for breaking news on Twitter. “Should be getting John Kelly’s resignation any second now,” she wrote. Brittany Van Horne, who works on Bee’s “Full Frontal,” also referenced Trump’s influence on the social media platform, while Alyssa Milano wrote, “A small group can now tweet 280 characters instead of 140. Let’s hope Trump is NOT a member of this small group.”

“In the spirit of playful competition, James Cameron just increased the ‘Avatar’ sequel limit to eight,” Entertainment Weekly writer Darren Franich joked.

Comedian Joel Kim Booster pointed out two flaws with the extension. “Wow, can’t wait to get halfway through reading a tweet before giving up completely,” he wrote, following it up by saying,” Can’t wait to make twice as many typos that I won’t be able to fix.”


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