Twitter took another step towards longer-form content on its platform Tuesday: The company officially embraced threads, giving users a way to more easily string together a number of tweets. The company also added labeling to threads to make it easier for followers to recognize them as such.

The new feature allows users to compose multiple tweets as a thread, and then publish them all together at the same time. Followers will see these threads in a collapsed format, and click on a “show this thread” label to expand and read all the tweets.


The update comes just weeks after Twitter expanded the character limits of individual tweets from 140 to 280, as Twitter product manager Sasank Reddy noted in a blog post: “A few weeks ago, we expanded our character count to make it easier for people to fit what they’re thinking into a Tweet. But we know people also may want to serialize a longer story or thought, or provide ongoing commentary on an event or topic. That’s where this update to threads comes in!”

Threads were originally invented by Twitter’s user base, which previously also came up with hash tags and retweets. Stringing together multiple tweets to go deep on a certain subject — sometimes also called tweetstorms — has become increasingly popular with the service’s user base, with Reddy noting that Twitter’s users now tweet “hundreds of thousands” of threads every day.

The new feature will be available on Android, iOS and the web in the coming weeks, the company said Tuesday.