Twitter officially unveiled the Periscope Producer API Tuesday, making it easier for publishers to stream professional-quality live video feeds from external cameras, TV studios, drones and other sources to Periscope and Twitter users.

Periscope first added the ability to stream from external video sources last October. However, the feature initially still required that users had the Periscope app running on their phone as a way to launch the broadcast. The new API does away with this requirement completely.

Access to the Producer API is currently limited. Users interesting in a private beta test can sign up online.

Live streams can be viewed both via the Periscope app as well as Twitter’s apps and website, and broadcasters can also stream live 360-degree videos — a feature that Twitter officially introduced in late December.

The introduction of the Periscope Producer API isn’t entirely surprising; Periscope co-founder Kayvon Beykpour told journalists during a press event in October already that publishers would eventually be able to live stream professional-quality video without having to use the Periscope app at all.

What is notable is that Twitter is still branding this as Periscope, and making professional live streams available via the Periscope app, where they live next to amateur live streams from mobile phones. It also goes to show how influential Pericope and Beykpour have become within Twitter, where the Periscope team now essentially handle all live streaming, save for a few marquee deals like the one brokered with the NFL.