Twitter is working on a way to bookmark tweets, and revisit them at a later time. Twitter product manager Jesar Shah tweeted Monday afternoon that company employees started to work on such a project during a recent hack week.

Shah said that the company is looking for feedback from its users to further refine the feature. “We’ll be tweeting to ask for feedback, and share our thinking as we compare designs, experiment, do research, and more,” she wrote, encouraging users to chime in using the hash tag #Saveforlater.

Some Twitter users have used the service’s “like” feature as a way to bookmark tweets, but the company would clearly prefer likes to be used as feedback instead to foster interaction between its users.

To that effect, Twitter replaced the original star icon to favorite tweets with hearts in late 2015. The change initially resulted in massive protests from parts of Twitter’s audience, but has since been widely accepted.

Twitter’s move to add bookmarking to its service comes just weeks after the company began to test longer tweets. In late September, Twitter announced that it would test 280-character tweets with some of its users, effectively doubling their character limit for each and every tweet.