Twitter unveiled a major push for more advertising transparency Tuesday afternoon, previewing plans to launch a new Ad Transparency Center in the coming weeks. This will include a listing of all ads running on Twitter, as well as efforts to make political advertising more easily recognizable as such.

The company’s upcoming Ad Transparency Center will list all ads that are running at any given time on the service, including so-called promoted-only ads, which are tweets that don’t show up in an advertiser’s regular timeline.

The company will also reveal how long any given ad has been running, and tell every user which ads are currently being used to target her or him. The ad center will also allow users to report inappropriate ads, even if they haven’t seen those ads in their own timelines.

In addition to these efforts for all ads, Twitter will more clearly mark political ads that are part of a primary or general election campaign. The company will also reveal how much money a particular advertiser has spent on such ads, and which users are being targeted by a political ad campaign. Revealing the total ad spend of campaigns could be one of the most disruptive steps, as these are usually closely guarded secrets.

Companies like Twitter and Facebook have been in the spotlight in recent weeks over their role in the 2016 election, and some have called for regulators to step up and more clearly enforce political advertising roles in the digital space.