Viral-video specialist Jukin Media has recruited a quintet of social influencers for “Checked Out,” an original travel series funded by Facebook for its newly launched Watch video platform.

In the five-episode show, each host travels to a different destination to provide their real-life stories, interspersed with user-generated video clips from Jukin’s catalog.

The social influencers featured in “Checked Out” on Facebook are Tonio Skits, who has 2.1 million Facebook followers; Violet Benson, whose @daddyissues_ account has 3.8 million Instagram followers; HoodClips (1.2 million on Facebook); Lou Lou Gonzalez (285,000 on Instagram); and 2MGoverCSquared (1 million fans combined on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch). Pictured above: Violet Benson (left) and Tonio Skits.

“The travel genre was begging for a fresh, user-generated take that would appeal to a mobile-first audience,” said Josh Entman, co-founder and chief creative officer at Jukin Media. “We got some extremely popular and relatable influencers to tell us their wild travel stories, and we used an engaging combination of mixed media to bring those experiences to life.”

Jukin’s in-house creative team produced “Checked Out.” Facebook paid for the series as part of its strategy to drive viewing and attract more creators to Watch, its video-aggregation tab that launched widely in the U.S. about a month ago.

In the premiere episode, sketch comedian Tonio Skits (Antonio Ramos) recounts a trip to London — where he’d traveled to do a week-long video shot for a clothing company, before allegedly hooking up with three different girls.

L.A.-based Jukin Media, founded in 2009, licenses viral-video clips and operates social-video properties that including FailArmy, People Are Awesome, The Pet Collective, and JukinVideo. All together, Jukin’s properties have 70 million followers online and generate 2.6 billion monthly video views.

Watch the trailer for “Checked Out”: