Location-based VR startup The Void is expanding to Canada: The Void announced the opening of its first VR Experience Center in Toronto Tuesday, where consumers can now immerse themselves in  the “Ghostbusters: Dimension” VR experience in the newly-opened Rec Room arcade.

The Void is one of a number of startups looking to take location-based virtual reality mainstream. The company is best known for its flagship location at New York’s Times Square, where it premiered “Ghostbusters: Dimensions” last July.

That experience allows up to four players to visit the world of “Ghostbusters” equipped with custom-made headsets and special rumble vests to roam through a set equipped with VR trackers.

In addition to New York and Toronto, The Void also operates VR Centers in Dubai as well as Utah, and the company has quietly been preparing to  launch dozens of additional locations in the coming months.

To launch its new Toronto center, The Void partnered with local theater chain Cineplex. “Toronto is in the heart of Ontario’s tourism hub and represents the type of market that The Void is looking for,” said CEO Cliff Plumer.