SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the finale of Nick Viall’s season of “The Bachelor,” which aired on Monday, Mar. 13.

This season of “The Bachelor” has generated more than three million tweets — and that was before Monday night’s finale of the ABC juggernaut.

No surprise here: the three-hour season ender also sent Twitter into an uproar, as Nick Viall selected his leading lady. A total of 313,000 tweets were generated live during the finale last night, according to data provided to Variety by Twitter.

Last night, Nick ended up sending runner-up Raven home and proposed to Vanessa, who said yes.

As the final moments of Nick’s journey were unfolding, Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to express their shock and excitement.

As seen in a minute-by-minute data chart (below), the highest volume of tweets actually did not come during the proposal. Instead, Twitter spiked when Raven was sent home and Nick said, “I’m gonna miss you more than you know.” The second most-tweeted moment was when Nick proposed to Vanessa. And somewhat surprisingly (though who doesn’t love dogs?) the third most-tweeted moment came when Raven and Nick were casually playing with huskies in the snow.

After the finale, new “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay sat down with host Chris Harrison and then met some of her suitors on “After the Final Rose.” Speaking of Twitter stats, when Rachel was announced to be ABC’s next dating show star in mid-February, she had 18.5K Twitter followers. Today, she has 43.5K followers.